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ANNAPARA means Elephant Rock.

Annapara is a boutique HIDE-AWAY in the lap of Nature.

Located on a hillock, it enjoys a 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and valleys covered with evergreen tropical rain forests in different hues of green. In close vicinity of Chembra peak, the tallest in Wayanad!

A place where your solitude is broken by the whistle of birds and the chatter of insects while you discover new depths in serenity! A God given opportunity to appreciate the pristine natural beauty of Nature in God's Own Country.

Comfort : A guest house with only FIVE Spacious rooms of 350 square feet each, including a verandah, bedroom, a kitchenette cum dining, dressing area and bathroom with 24 hours running Hot Water with modern fittings.

Luxury : Absence of TV, Newspaper, Phones; and NATURE in it's unspoilt natural form in abundance is the luxury Annapara has to offer.

Features : Natural terrain and vegetation preserved with minimal landscaping. A Gazebo to enjoy the view and breeze. An open Dinning Area to enjoy the surrounding scenery while dining. A Lawn to sun bath. A Camp Fire Pit to enjoy a bonfire with music in the evening.

Activities : Sunbath, Volleyball and Bonfire with music. Trek along picturesque trails, Bath in the stream by the waterfall, Walk through tea, coffee and cardamom plantations, Visit a Tea Factory and a View Point on tree tops. Board games available on request. For big/corporate groups, Rappelling, River Crossing and Folk Dance Show can be arranged on request. Our Vythri Wilderness Trail takes you past sprawling tea and coffee plantations, through a vast stretch of rainforests, towards the majestic Chembra Peak.

Star Gazing : The location of Annapara is such that there is almost no ambient light around and it enjoys an unobstructed view of the sky. Therefore, star gazing when the sky is clear is absolutely an astronomer's delight. The easiest to recognise is the North Star used by sailors and desert travellers to navigate before the invention of radar.

Outdoor :

Climate : Being at an altitude of about 700 metres, it is niether too hot nor too cold. Light woollens are usually adequate for the evening.

Important Note : The generator provides power from 1830 Hrs to 2200 Hrs for utility and entertainment. A lantern and candle stick is provided in each room. The bathrooms are backlit by lanterns to provide an ambient light throughout the night. The generator is located sufficiently away from the rooms and guest area in order not to cause a disturbance.

Location : Distances to various places (travel time by Car)
Bangalore - 300 km - 6 Hours
Mysore - 146 km - 3 Hours
Calicut Airport - 90 km - 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Calicut Railway Station - 65 km - 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Vythri - 3.5 km - 15 Minutes

Vythri is enroute while travelling from Bangalore to Calicut
Sunday Herald, Bangalore - 21st May 2006

The mist and magic of Vythiri - by Bala Chauhan

Vythiri, a small hill station in the Wyanad district of Kerala, is lush with nature’s bounties. Known for its coffee and tea plantations, the mountain region is covered with thick tropical rain forests and is a must for nature lovers, writes Bala Chauhan

It’s a little before three in the morning. The bus halts and we alight, into pitch darkness that envelopes us from all around. The dim bulbs at the police station are little solace as they are covered with a thick blanket of mist. The stillness is broken every second minute a vehicle zips past the road at an easy 120 kmph. The crickets and the jungle insects keep company with their cacophony. The early morning sky is studded with stars, veneered with a fresh patina. From a foggy distance, a Maruti Gypsy speeds up on the National Highway till it breaks near us. We board it and it plunges into the darkness and rides firm on the mountain road. The chill in the air is pleasant and the darkness lit by the fireflies that light up for a split second and move on, on the notes of a symphony, as if.

We reach Annapara Home Stay - Zafar Salim’s estate, small but very neat and beautiful, nestled in the lap of the mountain ranges. The rooms are spacious with a bedroom, kitchenette-cum-dining area and washroom with a small dressing area. The look is colonial, with vignettes of Kerala style of architecture. Sloping wooden ceilings with skylights and a verandah that over looks the rolling valleys and the Western ghats. Early morning at 7, the man comes with the tea, white crockery and serviettes. The serenity of the place is quite something for an urbanite to get used to. There’s no contact with the urban chaos - no newspapers, no TV, no phone, other than that with Pravin - the manager of Annapara.

Vythiri - a small hill station in the Wyanad district of Kerala is lush with nature’s bounties. Known for its coffee and tea plantations, the mountain region is covered with thick tropical rain forests and is a must for nature lovers.

After breakfast we leave for a long trek, into the hills. The path is rugged, strewn with fallen leaves of the surrounding trees. The sun is hot, but not scorching. The air is unsullied and fresh and there’s an obsession to inhale it more and more. After a certain height, the clouds drift past and we walk into the mist that touches and goes leaving a certain moistness behind.

In the plantations, women pick the leaves and fill their baskets. Life carries on in its versatility. We descend into the valley for a swim in the natural stream cupped by rocks all around. The water is crystal clear. Initially, there’s a chill but soon, nature takes over and all we experience is unlimited freshness, with the sound of the water gently gushing down the mountains, in a perennial carnival of life.

Towards evening, we are waiting for the sunset and, once again the clouds take over. Suddenly the valley gets misty hiding behind the clouds a helplessly feeble sun. The silver oaks, the eucalyptus and the other mountain trees touch the cloudy canopy and disappear. What remains is the mist and the trek down.

Back at Annapara, there’s fresh lime juice in waiting and by the time we finish washing up, there’s tea with hot bhajjis and cookies. The estate has no electricity. In the evenings, they switch on the generator to provide the basic lighting facility. We sit down in the open garden facing the ranges. The gazebo is a good place to chill out after a long day’s trek, with a drink and choice of music; from classical to lounge, world and rock.

For dinner, there’s salad, fish fry and mutton curry, aviyal, pachari and sambhar to go with rotis and rice. Hot adde payasam with dryfruits is very well made. The ambience is homely and service is warm. After dinner, we sit around the campfire and chat, hours into the night.

Annapara is leagues away from some other resorts in the region. It is simple with no frills. What you get is extreme cleanliness, basic facilities and to the point of perfection.


Getting There

Vythiri is 300 km from Bangalore. There are regular buses from Kalasiplayam.

Nearby places to visit: From Annapara one can go trekking into thick jungles with the help of guided tour. One can also visit the ancient Eddakal caves famous world over for their pre-historic carvings and paintings.

n For details and reservation: contact 919443023320.
Testimonials : Comments from our Guest Book....
“:) This place is well done! Wonderful, amaysing, fantastic, marveless….. – so beautiful – this place is the best of all the word. Kind regards for the kindly (guideing) and friendly staff. Have you ever seen such a lovely place? Where the mountains are like elephant’s? The sound of nature is spectacular!”
- Nicolina Gehrig, Germany
“Nice Stay. Excellent Service. Definitely would recommend this to my friends”
- Abi John & family, Bangalore
“A very unique experience. Calm and serene environment. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Pravin and others were really very hospitable. Very good location. Service was very prompt and very good. Mosquito net should be optionally provided, may help sometime.”
- Umesh, family & friends, Bangalore
“This place & my stay here was beyond my imagination. Natural serene surroundings, beautiful location. Very cleanly maintained, Good (too!) Quality food, Very hospitable and Very courteous staff. I simply loved my stay along with my family and would love to come again and would recommend this place “ANNAPPARA” to friends @ Bangalore. Thankyou.”
- Srinivas B.A., Bangalore
“A great stress-buster! The ambience & the people behind “Annappara” – Shibu, Praveen, Radhamony (GREAT COOK) & Vijayan – make it an oasis of thoughtfulness!! The hikes are great, bird calls divine, and reading on the deck heavenly!!! We’ll be back and send our friends across too.”
- Govind & Iris, Kabul / Geneva
“Loved the place, AND Praveen definitely went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to the hike up Chembra. And of course, the food was excellent !”
- Mahesh, Chicago-USA
“Fabulous place! Great food, great service, great veranda… and an unbelievably gorgeous setting. WONDERFUL.”
- Nicole, Chicago-USA
"Fantastic place – Couldn’t ask for more! Great food! A special thanks to Praveen for taking us to Chembra – makes a great guide. KEEP EVERYTHING THE SAME !”
- Hari Bhardwaj, Bangalore
“I was here in January of this year with my sisters & nephew. The hospitality and smiling service of Shibu & Praveen has yet again gladdened my heart and ofcourse Radhamani’s cooking is out of this world; and to die for. Thankyou very much.”
- Prabha, Bangalore
“I just can’t can’t can’t say, I I I loved it especially the shuttle cock, bonfire. I wish this was my house. The food was great and the room was so comfy. It was great. (dude this place rocks) …… Thankyou V V V much. HA HA HA”
- Akshat 9 years, Bangalore
“I loved the place it was great and I went 6600 feet above Home Stay. The mountain was big and huge. I also loved the bonfire. I loved the room to the bed was so comfy. I wish this was my home”
- Aryaan 6 years, Bangalore
“Zafar, Annapara is truly one of the better kept secrets of Wayanad. Thankyou for all the hospitality. Thanks to Shibu and Praveen too for their warmth and service. The food was excellent. I hope in the days to come more people from across the world get to enjoy being at Annapara. Best wishes for the same.”
- Sanjay Sivadas, Bangalore
“We came here for a corporate offsite – with lots of team building exercises. What we did not bargain for was the automatic bonding and team cohesiveness which happened as a result of the rappelling, trekking and river-crossing at WAYANAD. Excellent steering by Subair (our guide) and very warm, genuine hospitality by Shibu & Praveen (at Annapara). Neat, clean rooms with one flaw – the walls are wafer thin! Couples seeking privacy may find the acoustics a bit irritating. In all – WE had a great time.”
- Mrs. Saundarya Rajesh along with 9 members from AVTAR Career Creators, Chennai
“Definitely worth driving the 300 kilometres for! (From Bangalore, that is). Amazing place, amazing food. Shibu and Praveen are just great guys, excellent human beings. Good on them, and all involved. A brilliant weekend.”
-Anshuman, Bangalore
“Annapara grew on me. We arrived on a hot afternoon.. The weather went from clear blue skies to a chilly night and a star lit sky where we didn’t even miss not having any electricity. The food was among the 3 most memorable meals I have had. Radhamani’s ‘Kaipunniyan’ is excellent & you need to capitalize on it – maybe have cooking classes! We threatened Zaffar (over the phone, ofcourse!) that we would abduct Shibu, Praveen & Radhamani en masse to Bangalore ! The quality of service by these 3 & Vijayan surpassed any 5 star hotel & the level of cleanliness was amazingly meticulous .. White sheets, white towels, white crockery, gleaming vessels. Amazing kitchen & nature improvisation in the building and modern equipment. All the very best to you & particular thanks to Shibu & Praveen – who showed such instinctive hospitality!”
-Usha Srinath, Bangalore
“Unknown destinations always make me apprehensive – but this was one I am very glad to have undertaken because at the end of it, was Praveen & Shibu and ofcourse Radhamani’s cooking ! Praveen & Shibu seem to be able to introspect all our thoughts before we even expressed them and made sure we had a wonderful time.”
-Prabha, Bangalore
“If we had stayed any longer, we would never have felt like leaving – every hint or idea expressed in conversation was promptly implemented by Shibu & Praveen’s anticipation / interpretation & Radhamani’s execution! We had great conversations & lessons in warmth & giving & hospitality. Can’t mention the food – the only complaint here is, we anyway put on 2 kgs each (which we didn’t need !) and yet couldn’t eat enough of everything. Thank you for everything.”
-Gayathri Krishna, Bangalore
“Very Neat & Clean Comfortable for us. We had an very good holiday. We had an very good cooperation from Shibu and Praveen.We have an very good Hoilday here. We are sure we will come here for our next holiday.”
-Mathan, Gokul, Paul & Bharath, Karur
“Very neat & clean, well maintained; Good hospitality. Special thanks to Shibu & Praveen for their excellent support. Expecting more varieties of local delicacies. Would be great if activities are organized for the guests.”
- Mahesh Dawar, Prasen Kulkarni & Ajit More, Bangalore
“Way far away from the concrete jungle here, in Annapara u have a place where the nature beckons u with it’s arms so wide and the people with great hospitality make u feel at home.
I hope our Akhil will take time to forget Shibu and Praveen Uncle. The homely food provided by Mr. & Mrs. Vijayan was really superb.
The three days were really unforgettable, we did enjoy a lot.
We will be back here for our next holiday.”
- Dr. S Anugraham, Usha, Sakthi, Innahai & Akhil, Bangalore & Madurai
“I am very thankful to the uncle who took the ball from the shrub. Also Praveen uncle taught us some magic tricks, Shibu uncle took us trekking. Further I cannot describe the stay in words. IT WAS WONDERFUL!”
- Sai Nitish / Karthick, Bangalore
“It’s a great experience. Excellent hospitality. We chose this place as a last Resort. But we are very happy to have chosen this cute place. We are very appreciative of the staff here. They are too good. WE HOPE TO COME BACK WITH OUR FRIENDS. Our Karthick & Nitish were always after Shibu Uncle or Praveen uncle. Thanks for everything.”
- Vasanthkumar & Vasanthi, Bangalore
“This experience is the best my mother and I have ever had. It was the best, couldn’t be better. The food is great. It has a lot of nature which made it even better. I loved this place, thanks for making our trip great. Thanks:”
- Sanjana Kamath 8 years, Bangalore
“One of the BeST vacations we have ever had! The hosts Praveen & Shibu are so gracious & caring. The food is out of this world :) The peace, fresh air, pristine natural environment & lack of electricity, TV & Newspapers! CANNOT ASK FOR MORE from the tensions & hustle of the city live. Thanks Zaffar. You have a beautiful & cozy resort; your staff ROCKS.”
- Latha Kamath, Bangalore
“First of all we would like to thank you all for excellent food you gave us. Then secondly the help you did for us i.e. (We felt that nobody is there to take care of Rishi but after seeing Praveen and Shibu’s help we was very happy. Then about the place it’s simply superb and very good ambience. Next time surely we will come with more people.
Thanks to Praveen and Shibu for excellent care.
Your’s friendly”
- A. Elakiyakumar, Priya & Rishi
“This place is just too great to explain. Great food and hospitality. Even though we faced a bit of language problem initially, later all was fine & the willingness to explain & help made the stay even better. Not to forget Praveen & his help for all that was needed. Clean neat rooms, and personal care & attention is all we need.
Just keep it going Zafar.
This is all we need.”
- Kavitha & Prasad, Bangalore
“What better way than, to be woken up by birdsong! A complete healing of the body and mind in the lap of Nature. The unobtrusive but solicitous care of Shibu & Praveen, not to mention the homely food has made this a memorable holiday. Mr. Zafar please continue to keep it small!”
- Pushpa & Sudarshan, Bengalooru
“After the hustle and bustle of Chennai, the last few days have been a different kind of a home away from home. The delightful scenery, the bird’s orchestra have been most relaxing and charming. This was made even more pleasant by the caring attention, good food and the smiles of Praveen, Shibu and the others.Thanks for making all this possible.”
- S.R. Ayer, Chennai
“We have never experienced, the care provided by Pravin and Shibu. The food was excellent. The place is magical and we would like to take it with us.”
- Keith & Desiree Mole, Australia
“We were taken by surprise that there is no electricity but the hospitality of Shibu & the chef’s great food has written off those fears. Rest is like the description of nature in Pauleo Coelho’s novel. Hopefully we come back!!”
- Shyam Remella, Bangalore
“The rain came and the leeches found our feet! But, we had a wonderful plantation/jungle walk – all 7 kms of it. Your hospitality has been faultless and the staff have gone out of their way to make our stay so comfortable – and as for the food…. Wonderful – wish I could take the cook home with us. Our very best wishes for the future of Annapara.”
- Timothy & Kevin Terry, France
“A very beautiful place. Keep up the good work. The staff is very co-operative & the food was very good.”
- Karthi, Sriram, Sunil & Karthiayini, Bangalore
“Good place to stay for a day or two. Service is good but server should know other language to communicate. Atleast Hindi. Shibu & Pravin are co-operative & served their best. Last but not the least, keep away drunken people from outside of this wonderful place. This place is beautiful.”
- Raghavendra & Mangala, Bangalore
“The service was very good from the time we arrived. Both Shibu and Pravin took care of us very well. All the more we liked their friendliness and hospitality. Keep up the good work.”
- Raghu & Brinda, Bangalore
"From a scary beginning to a sad parting. We reached Vythiri in the middle of the night. Two strange men (Shibu & Praveen) came to pick us up in a jeep, and we passed through a rickety journey in dark to reach the cottage that had no electricity! Man! I went off to sleep in jitters. But come morning the setting changed, it was as if Mother Nature had unveiled the curtain to reveal her magical charm. We met Shibu & Praveen again in the morning, and we realized that their charming hospitality, and honest dedication surpassed the charm of the nature. Too Good. & spl. mention to Driver George also! Thankyou."
- Deepti & Balaji, Chennai
“Repeat visit after a year almost. We kept the promise to ourselves to come back for more here. Lovely place, lovely people & a lovely time. Road less travelled, but a vacation better spent, friendships better nurtured, life better lived, nature better explored, time well spent! Thankyou Zafar, Praveen, Shibu, Vijayan & the whole family.
- Biju & Saija, Madurai
“It’s our first visit to Vythiri * We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here * Thanks to the thoughtfully and creatively done-up resort and really courteous staff, Shibu & Praveen who never had “NO” in their vocabulary to any of our requests or demands * Not to mention the yummy food served to us throughout our stay *”
- Sudhir & Reshma, Madurai
“A beautiful place, creatively done up in serene settings far away from town life. A new and novel experience for us. The arrangements were great thanks to Zaffar, and courteously and promptly carried out by Shibu and Praveen. Thanks to them for a wonderful holiday. Must mention the great food. Hope to come back.”
- Ramesh & Chitra, Madurai
“We had a great time staying here. The stay was enjoyable, the food great & the hospitality of the people here was excellent. Praveen stands out for appreciation for his caring attitude.”
- S.R. Sridhar, Nithya & Rishi, Madurai
“Feels like being in the lap of Western Ghats. The view is amazing & the ambience tranquil. Our Aadit loved playing in the rain & streams. The cleanliness, good food & caring staff make this place just perfect. Our special thanks to Shibu, Pravin, George & the cheerful cook.”
- Anant, Priya & Aadit(2yrs), Hyderabad
“Good experience of coming back to nature. The setup is nice and behaviour of the staff especially Praveen & Shibu is just outstanding. Two suggestions : (a) You should put solar energy so that electricity is not a problem (b) Evenings can be better if you organize a get together for the guests in the upper deck (view point). (Thankyou, Mr. Zafar for taking care from such a distance…….a very good jesture)”
- Saugata Chatterjee & family, Bangalore
“This was our 1st visit to Vythri & it was a great experience in terms of food & service. The staff was amazing in getting us what we wanted especially in a place like this cut-off from city. Hope to come back during the season to finish up in visiting the rest of the places [My only enemy being the rain!! This time].
- M.R. Rajesh & Shija, Bangalore
“From concrete jungle (BANGALORE) to GOD’s own country (KERALA), from Busy, Hectic Schedule to Annapara (pleasant, calm, incredible & elegant). In the shoulders of Nature, we had a memorable Trek to the Amazing falls. The Ambience & Hospitality was too Good. Special thanks to Shibu, Praveen & his team. Definitely worth to spend a long weekend.”
- Airtel & Ericsson Team, Bangalore
“We have been so well taken care of by Zafar, Shibu and Pravin. This is the first time I have felt at peace and at home completely on our Trip. The GR students loved the beauty and tranquility as well as the waterfalls, and the dancing music at night. Thankyou for taking such good care of our large group. We will see you again next summer.”
- Laragh Karanaugh & Rajani Venkatraman, Global Routes – USA
"We came here to celeberate our 1st Anniverasary, and it was indeed a perfect place for it. Most of all, the staff here are very nice & caring. Place is very clean & tidy that makes us even more happy!"
- Madhav & Madhu, Bangalore
"Unexpected experience of a resort! Completely private, peaceful & destressing. Praveen, Shibu & Radhamani have been excellent & personalised attention is better than star hotels. Good experience, want to suggest (a) electricity for the nights & (b) arrange a net around the openings in the room to prevent insects from coming in. Will recomend this place any time! Best of Luck to Zafar."
- J.S.Shekar, Gita, Philip, Anu, Nairit & Ashwn, Chennai & Bangalore
"Very good service, very relaxing ambience. A swimming pool might be a good add-on. A few more hours of power during the night! The location is very nice!"
- Vaibhav, Kishan, Anoop & Pari, Bangalore
"Very good place. Great hospitality. Good food. Was looked after very well by Pravin, Shibu and the rest :) … Felt like a guest in somebody’s home as compared to something impersonal like staying in a resort. Eximplifies "Athithi Devo Bhava." Excellent staff!! Hope they continue the good work. Improvements : It would be good to have the provision of using the fan throughout the night during summer. Otherwise it gets a little stuffy & one cannot enjoy a Good nights sleep."
- Sandeep Das & Reshma, Bangalore
"love love love this place… its so good that one doesn’t have enough words to explain how good being here, being looked after so well by Shibu, Pravin and everyone else feels… right from stepping off the bus to back on…Cheers to everyone! Don’t leave this place because when I get back here (which I definitely am), then I want to see everyone here. Lots of love =) =)"
- Babushka Chauhan, Bangalore
"Excellent hospitality, truly a different experience all together. Please maintain this simplicity & friendly approach."
- K.L.Narayanan & Family, Bangalore
"Excellent place to just enjoy the nature. The food was just excellent and tasted just like homes food. Hope I come again to visit and stay longer than this time."
- Radhika & Aditi Sen (11 & 6 yrs), New Delhi
"A real home away from home. After 10 days of hectic travelling, the ideal place to just chill and be one with nature. It was so good to be cut off from the world of telephones, TV, newspapers, etc and just to be. The food was excellent – kudos to the chef & to the fantastic team of Praveen, Shibu & Vijayan. They were extremely caring and very thoughtful. Thanks a lot. Definitely calls for another visit."
- Jnaneswar & Rajshri Sen, New Delhi
"Good Hospitality – Excellent Food – Nice trekking Path, Beautiful Scenery and What not. Thank you."
- Aravi, Gopi, Babu & Moosa, Tellicherry
"Truly "God’s own place" in "God’s own country." Beautiful people, nice hospitality & very serene. Will definitely come back each year! Kindly maintain the same ambience!! Thanks & love!!"
- Vinod Gulvady & family, Bangalore
"Everything in this "little paradise" as Maria calls it, is very thoughtfully done – from the décor to the music in the evenings. Was a perfect getaway for 3-4 days. Special mention of Praveen, Shibu and their team for the extraordinary service & caring."
- Shampa Kochhar & family, Bangalore
"I really hope to came back again and I will spread the word about this little paradise. Thank you for everythink. Another amazing memory of India. Ciao"
- Maria Politano, Italy
"Me & my wife were searching for a nice place for holidaying and came across Annapara. If something need to be mentioned, about this place, we can say "Feel at Home." Personalised care, excellent food (typical home made, which we never expected) & wonderful customer care are noteworthy to mention. It is really a worthy and fantastic place, provided the "so-called" road of 3.5 km stretch from Vythri to Annapara is fixed. Except this drawback, Annapara is a place where you can relax 100%"
- Sudharsan & Narmadha, Bangalore
"Had a Whale of a time! Staff has gone out of the way to make our stay a memorable one. Praveen & Shibu & Vijayan deserve a lot of credit for their marvellous attitude. We’re coming back for more."
- Biju & Saija, Madurai
"Felt like being at home; and all staff were like an extended family. Excellent Service. Approach Road to the Resort needs a small make-up. Would definitely be a frequent visitor and recommend to many others."
- Sheena & Romy, Chennai
"We’re from Kerala, and for once, we’re tourists.It’s a beautiful place, wonderful staff and a nice quiet far from the madding crowd. We’ll spread the word, and hope you don’t increase the room capacity too much. It’s perfect as it is. Thanks. A special thanks to Praveen & Shibu & the rest of the staff – they’re attitude is the real holiday."
- Veena & Karthick, Bangalore
"We were looking for a nice place for relaxation and staying here has just been perfect. We felt we should have spent some more time in the midst of nature. Our kid too enjoyed a lot. The hospitality has been great too. We would definitely like to come with a larger group also."
- Vijayanand A.S., Bangalore
"We’ve stayed at many resorts before incl. abroad but this beats all by a huge margin. I don’t have enough words to describe the fabulous & personalised service. Great location, great service, great food – will definitely spread the word & be back soon."
- A.P. Jain, Chennai
"!! Home Away from Home!! It couldn’t be better. Being within nature, it is not the nature we conquer, but ourselves. Thanks for the hospitality, learnt a lot to care. Will surely spread the word. Thanks again."
- Prathibha & Sunder Nileshwar, Bangalore
"I loved it! So beautiful, friendly people, good service, probably the cleanest place I’ve stayed in India, would love to come back"
- Zofia Turchin, USA
"Amazing place! Thankyou for the superb food and hospitality. I really loved it."
- Kristina Brown, USA
"I loved it here. The scenery and setting are spectacular. The hike through the plantation and jungle was entirely memorable and it made me feel exhilerated. Thankyou."
- Anna Pendry, USA
"Wonderful!!! I think that says everything. Beautiful ambience, unspoiled natural surrounding, good hospitality. I hope to return soon."
- Dr. R. Dilip Kumar, Bangalore
"One of the best and memorable vacations we had. Great location, best hospitality with love and affection. A place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Wish you all the best."
- Sriram, Chennai
"Excellent settings, non-commercialised environment leads to amazingly unique experience. Really a memorable stay. Good hospitality and clean rooms. All the Best."
- Prashant Mehar, Bangalore